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The Railway

Original title: Железная дорога
IMDB: 7.0 Views: 10904 Year: 2007 Subs:
Original title: Железная дорога
IMDB: 7.0 Year: 2007
The Railway with English subtitles is a 2007 second art house movie by Alexey Fedorchenko.

Mischa, a mute boy, sets out on a surrealistic journey together with his father and two men. Their means of transportation is an old Soviet locomotive, loaded with stolen coal. The travellers intend to sell off the loot on their way through the borderless steppes of inner Russia. As a parallel to the main plot, sequences of a mysterious travelling circus keep reappearing in a very suggestive way. Many of the odd artists at the circus are people that the four protagonists encounter in the wilderness along the overgrown railway. All through the movie there is a sensation of magic crossed with pure realism, stressed by the crackling communistic infrastructure and a twisted sense of humor. The border between reality and fantasy is very subtle here. The Railway is a story about strong family ties, but also an ambitious interpretation of the clash between the Russia of old and new. One could call it the rebirth of a long forgotten genre: the Russian wonder story.

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The Railway (Железная дорога) with English subtitles

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