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Original title: Бумер
IMDB: 7.3 Views: 39642 Year: 2003 Subs:
Original title: Бумер
IMDB: 7.3 Year: 2003
Bimmer with English Russian Czech Romanian Turkish subtitles is a 2003 road movie directed by Peter Buslov, written by Peter Buslov and Denis Rodimin.

Corrupt cops, street gangs, “Bratki” in “Bummers” (BMWs) steal and “Merins” (Mercedeses), angry truck drivers, beautiful women and death are what four friends in a black Bummer who go on a mission from one region of Russia to another are about to face in the wasteland of small-town Russia. A critique of the policies of Boris Yeltsin, it depicted the economic crisis that followed Russia’s transition towards a free market economy, and with it, a lost generation, with no job security, who are pushed into a world of crime and rebellion. Despite a modest budget of US$700,000, and a limited cinematic release, it became a national hit in Russia as well its soundtrack, popularized by ‘Seryoga’s’ (Серёга) music video “Чёрный Бумер” (“Black Bummer”). Both the film and its soundtrack have won awards, including the prestigious Golden Aries from the Russian Guild of Film critics.

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Bimmer (Бумер) with English subtitles

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