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Learn Russian By Watching Movies

How to learn Russian by watching movies?

Russian is one of the most complicated languages in the world. Those who learn it should work hard and use various means to improve different aspects of language. Are you bored with exercise books? Want to diversify the educational process? Learn Russian with movies and open a whole new world of interesting vocabulary and cultural peculiarities!

Learning any language requires time and effort. To improve your skills and become excellent in any language, it’s necessary to study various aspects and use different techniques. If you want to be a good Russian speaker, it’s not obligatory to spend hours with books and do boring exercises.

Ways to learn Russian with movies

Before you start, it’s important to think about a few things:

  • Your real level of language.
    Thus, a student will define if it’s comfortable to watch a movie without subtitles. Besides, you can also choose what type of subtitles you need. If you aren’t sure about your skills of comprehension, it’s better to start with movies containing English (or your native language) subtitles. As a result, you can listen to Russian speech and correlate it with subtitles.

    If you are an advanced learner, try to learn Russian through movies with Russian subtitles. It’s a more complicated task. However, it’s a wonderful method to start understanding Russian much better in a short time.
  • Time you can devote to watching Russian movies.
    Remember, the more time you devote, the more effective your training will be. At the same time, there’s no necessity to spend hours in front of the TV or PC. The experience demonstrates that good results can be achieved by watching Russian movies for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • The right choice of a movie.
    It’s important to learn and understand the plot. But what’s much more significant is that you should enjoy the process. In this case, you can pass a wonderful time and learn more productively without feeling bored, tired, or exhausted. There’re old and new movies, which not just reflect the mentality and culture of the country but also deserve attention due to the exciting plot, awesome actors’ performance, and impressive work of camera crews. A great number of them are accessible on our website with subtitles.

Learn Russian by watching movies benefits

Russian is a very complicated language, especially if your native one isn’t close to it. Learning the Russian language with movies is a very useful strategy, which offers many advantages:

  • The possibility to learn new vocabulary and its usage in a context
  • The opportunity to improve listening skills, which will allow you to understand a spoken speech better
  • A chance to make pronunciation better
  • The possibility to dive into the cultural and verbal environment of the language
  • A chance to become better in a written speech (if watching movies with subtitles)

What’s more, you can pass a wonderful time while learning. An interesting way of education makes it more effective! It’s important to remember that watching films is a passive way of learning. It might be effective when combined with other studying techniques or when the ‘effective movie watching’ is practiced.

Tips on how to learn Russian through movies with Russian subtitles

To get the most results from Russian movies and really improve your language, it’s first required to find out the real level of your Russian. Thus, you will be able to decide, whether to watch a film with subtitles in your native language, with Russian subtitles, or without them at all.

The best strategy is to learn Russian through movies with Russian subtitles. In this case, you both read and listen to the Russian words from many native speakers. It’s a perfect way to concentrate on the language you study while still catching the sense. If you’re just a beginner, it’s possible to start with a movie, containing subtitles in your native language or in the other language you know. Thus, it’s possible to improve several languages at the same time. For advanced learners, we can recommend watching movies without subtitles at all.

To make your learning more effective and help you remember new vocabulary, it’s a good idea to acquire a notebook to write down new words with translations and examples of usage. Do it every time after watching a movie. After some time, you can watch the film again to refresh your knowledge or just look at your vocabulary note to recall certain phrases or set expressions.

The choice of a movie also matters. The Russian cinematography offers a great diversity of movies with various themes. It’s possible to select a film according to the vocabulary you want to learn, choose your favorite genre, or just find one of the latest movies with an interesting plot.

Top 10 Best Russian Movies to Learn the Russian Language

Let’s now consider the list of the most outstanding Russian and Soviet movies, which will help improve your language:

  • Сталкер (Stalker) 1. Stalker (Сталкер 1979) The science fiction art drama describes how Stalker guides a professor and a writer to the room in a forbidden Zone, where all dreams come true. The movie called ‘a soul of the Russian language’ helps better understand the philosophy of Russian and know many interesting aphorisms.
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  • Брат (The Brother) 2. The Brother (Брат 1997) The science fiction art drama describes how Stalker guides a professor and a writer to the room in a forbidden Zone, where all dreams come true. The movie called ‘a soul of the Russian language’ helps better understand the philosophy of Russian and know many interesting aphorisms.
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  • Ирония судьбы, или С легким паром! (The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!) 3. The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! (Ирония судьбы, или С легким паром! 1975) After getting drunk in a bath on the eve of the New Year, a group of friends sends one of the men to Leningrad (the wrong city) by mistake. This classical movie will allow learning new vocabulary, better understanding Russian humor, and finding out many incredible set phrases used in the modern language.
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  • Нелюбовь (Loveless) 4. Loveless (Нелюбовь 2017) A 12-year-old neglected son of a couple going to divorce runs away from home and disappears. The drama demonstrates the spoken language in modern Russia and allows learning family relations vocabulary.
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  • Бриллиантовая рука (The Diamond Arm) 5. The Diamond Arm (Бриллиантовая рука 1968) In the crime comedy, a plain office worker gets a cast with diamonds on his arm by mistake. The film contains many criminal and humoristic phrases, which are interesting to learn.
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  • Левиафан (Leviathan) 6. Leviathan (Левиафан 2014) In the drama, you’ll see a man living in the North, who suffers from and fights against the ‘strong’ of the world. Watching a movie, you can learn legal vocabulary and get familiar with the realities of Russia.
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  • Собачье сердце (Heart of a Dog) 7. Heart of a Dog (Собачье сердце 1988) After the transplantation of hypophysis, a dog gradually transforms into a human. The movie helps discover the world of Russian literature, learn scientific vocabulary, and peculiar aphorisms.
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  • Салют-7 (Salyut-7) 8. Salyut-7 (Салют-7 2017) The contact with the unmanned space station is lost, which makes a space crew find it and dock a huge uncontrollable station for the first time in history. The movie helps learn interesting space vocabulary as well as know about the country’s background during the Cold War.
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  • Легенда №17 (Legend No. 17) 9. Legend No. 17 (Легенда №17 2012) The biographical sports movie tells about the hockey player on the top of glory after the victory of the Soviet Union in the NHL. It’s a perfect film to learn sports vocabulary.
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  • Матильда (Mathilde) 10. Mathilde (Матильда 2017) The exciting historical drama tells about the struggle of love and duty, featuring the romantic relationship between Nikolai Romanov and ballerina from the Imperial Theater. In the movie, you can know about the history of Russia and learn relations and imperial family vocabulary.
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All Movies with Russian Subtitles

Is it real?

To learn Russian by watching movies (with Russian subtitles or without them) is indeed possible. It’s an effective practice for all students due to the opportunity to hear the live speech and real conversations instead of recordings created just for class listening.

Such a way of learning can help understand how to use certain aphorisms or set phrases. It’s also a good method for learning new vocabulary and observing its usage in real-life situations. Thus, words are memorized quickly, while learned faster and more effectively.

Besides, movies shot in Russia contain not just authentic words and phrases. They reflect the mentality, lifestyle, and even a general atmosphere in the country, featuring a definite time period. Thus, learners can know more about the culture of the Russian Federation (and the Soviet Union) by choosing new or old movies, which are considered classics.

In general, watching films, you can definitely increase your level of Russian through listening and understanding Russian speech by means of subtitles.

Learning Russian with movies is beneficial. It’s a good option to pass your free time and enjoy the education process. All you need is to get used to watching movies every day after work or studies, and your level of Russian will start growing very fast.

About Russian Movies with Subtitles

For the last years we have been selecting the best Soviet and Russian films in order to make them available for our viewers. The subtitles are in English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic and other languages. Using Soviet and Russian Movies website will give you an opportunity to view the films online as well as download the Soviet and Russian films of different genres, encompassing the wide variety from the very popular pictures to the rare finds.

The joy of gaining knowledge about the world that surrounds us is hard to overestimate, and we are proud to present you with this opportunity to sit back, and enjoy by watching something new, fresh and different, and then make your own judgement.