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Russian & Soviet Movies online with English Subtitles

Soviet & Russian Movies Online brings you the very best of Soviet and Russian cinema and television, a collection of over 800 classic, popular and rarely-seen films and TV shows spanning a hundred years and drawn from a wide variety of genres.

All of the films and TV shows on our site are translated and subtitled by us, offering subscribers a unique viewing experience unequaled anywhere else on the web.

Soviet & Russian Movies by Period and Decade

Recently Added Russian & Soviet Movies

All Movies
Subs en ru
Золушка (Cinderella) imdb 5.4
Subs en
Курёхин (Kuryokhin) imdb 8.0
Subs en
Зелёный слоник (The Green Elephant) imdb 5.5
The Green Elephant
Subs en
Убийцы (The Killers) imdb 6.6
The Killers
Subs en
12 стульев (The Twelve Chairs) imdb 8.3
The Twelve Chairs
Subs en
В созвездии Быка (The Taurus Constellation) imdb 5.5
The Taurus Constellation
Subs en
Серп и молот (Hammer and Sickle) imdb 6.6
Hammer and Sickle
Subs en
Черновик (A Rough Draft) imdb 4.4
A Rough Draft

About Russian Movies with Subtitles

For the last years we have been selecting the best Soviet and Russian films in order to make them available for our viewers. The subtitles are in English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic and other languages. Using Soviet and Russian Movies website will give you an opportunity to view the films online as well as download the Soviet and Russian films of different genres, encompassing the wide variety from the very popular pictures to the rare finds.

The joy of gaining knowledge about the world that surrounds us is hard to overestimate, and we are proud to present you with this opportunity to sit back, and enjoy by watching something new, fresh and different, and then make your own judgement.