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At Home Among Strangers with english subtitles
At Home Among Strangers with english subtitles
Soviet & Russian Movies Adventure Drama At Home Among Strangers

At Home Among Strangers

Original title: Свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих
IMDB: 7.7Views: 15367Year: 1974Subs: en fr de ro ru es
Original title: Свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих
IMDB: 7.7Year: 1974
Subs: en fr de ro ru es
At Home Among Strangers with English Russian French Spanish German Romanian subtitles is a 1974 Soviet film starring Yuri Bogatyryov and Anatoly Solonitsyn and directed by Nikita Mikhalkov.

Following the Russian Civil War, a loyal Red, Shilov, must prove he is at home among strangers as he attempts to recapture a shipment of gold that he was supposed to deliver to Moscow. Needed as a means of buying food for the people, the gold Shilov was entrusted with is stolen, initially by a group of assassins and then by a group of bandits. In tracking the gold’s whereabouts, Shilov’s motives are questioned and he is suspected of treason, in part because his brother was a devoted White. In an effort to clear his name, Shilov locates the gold, but he also discovers rampant greed and corruption.

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At Home Among Strangers (Свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих) with English subtitles

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