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The Wishing Tree with english subtitles
The Wishing Tree with english subtitles
Soviet & Russian Movies Drama The Wishing Tree

The Wishing Tree

Original title: Древо желания
IMDB: 8.5Views: 13195Year: 1976Subs: en fr fa ro es tr
Original title: Древо желания
IMDB: 8.5Year: 1976
Subs: en fr fa ro es tr
The Wishing Tree with English French Spanish Romanian Turkish Persian subtitles is a 1977 Georgian drama film, directed by Tengiz Abuladze.

This poetic parable is part of Tenghiz Abuladze’s cinematic triptych: “The Supplication” – “The Wishing Tree” – “Repentance”. The place is Georgia at the beginning of the 20th century. That’s how director Tenghiz Abuladze described his film: “’The Wishing Tree’ is a film about the people lit up by a dream. Every character has its own ideal. One is worshipping the skies, another the earth, some idolize the body, others elevate the spirit. Some destroy the body, others the soul…” Marita, the film’s heroine, arrived here to live with her aunt. She meets a poor young lad, Gedia, and falls in love with him. But her relatives are determined to marry the girl off to a local rich man…

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The Wishing Tree (Древо желания) with English subtitles

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