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Original title: Чики (телесериал)
IMDB: 7.7 Views: 3416 Year: 2020 Subs:
Original title: Чики (телесериал)
IMDB: 7.7 Year: 2020
Chiki with English subtitles is a 2020 Russian comedy series directed by Eduard Oganesyan.

In the south of Russia, where roadside cafes alternate with ripe fruit ruins, three friends of Sveta, Marina and Lyudka work in a brothel. Their former colleague – enterprising Jeanne – went to conquer Moscow, but returned to the girls with a proposal to start a new – legal – business. Gradually, the girlfriends are absorbed by Jeanne’s ambitions and are already preparing to put an end to dubious earnings. However, the way to a new life is not as safe as it may seem at first sight. But what you wouldn’t do for freedom.

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Chiki (Чики (телесериал)) with English subtitles

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