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Three Stories

Original title: Три истории
IMDB: 7.2 Views: 8 507 Year: 1998 Subs:
Original title: Три истории
IMDB: 7.2 Year: 1998
Three Stories with English subtitles is a 1997 Russian-Ukrainian tragic comedy film directed by Kira Muratova.

The First Story "Boiler Room No. 6"

A modest employee brings a cupboard to the boiler room for his friend, Tikhomirov. He works as a stoker, writes poetry in his spare time and rents out a place for intimate pleasure to local homosexuals. During a normal conversation between old acquaintances, Tikhomirov time after time returns to the story of his unbearable neighbor who does not let him live in peace and even comes to his workplace in order to compromise him ... Tikhomirov gets interrupted and is not able to get to the point of his request by frequenters of the depraved corner, who by the way also see him as an object for pleasure and even offer money to him...In the closet lies the naked corpse of Tikhomirov's neighbor (she walked around the house like this), which he intends to burn in the boiler room.

The Second Story "Ophelia"

Ofa works in a hospital archive. She does not like men, women, or children: "I would rate this planet as zero." Her attention is especially directed towards those mothers who abandon their children in a maternity hospital. A gynecologist makes advances towards Ofa whom she uses for an alibi at the moment she commits the murder of a disowning mother. Her literary ideal is Shakespeare's Ophelia, whose fate Ofa arranges for a single woman – her own mother, Alexander Ivanovna Ivanova, who many years ago gave her up.

The Third Story "Girl and Death"

An elderly man in a wheelchair operates a coffee grinder. A little girl who lives nearby plays with him, irritating and annoying the old man from time to time. From the mouth of the baby resonates the neighbor's expectation, that after his death she together with her mother will get his room. The old man teaches the girl how to play chess, reads a book to her, and she in turn brings a glass of water containing rat poison. After drinking a cup of water, the old man dies.

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Three Stories with English subtitles

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