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Oleg Yankovskiy Filmography

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Subs en ru
Щит и меч (The Shield and the Sword) imdb 7.8
The Shield and the Sword
Subs en
Цареубийца (Assassin of the Tsar) imdb 6.9
Assassin of the Tsar
Subs zh nl en ja pl pt ro ru es tr
Ностальгия (Nostalghia) imdb 8.2
Subs en
Анна Каренина (Anna Karenina (TV Mini-Series)) imdb 6.2
Anna Karenina (TV Mini-Series)
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Subs ar en es
Любовник (The Lover) imdb 7.2
The Lover
Subs en ru
Чужие письма (Other People’s Letters) imdb 7.2
Other People’s Letters
Subs en ru
Убить дракона (To Kill a Dragon) imdb 8.1
To Kill a Dragon
Subs en
Полёты во сне и наяву (Flights in Dreams and Reality) imdb 7.6
Flights in Dreams and Reality
Subs en fi fr ru es tr
Стиляги (Hipsters) imdb 7.2
Subs cs en ru es
Тот самый Мюнхгаузен (The Very Same Munchhausen) imdb 8.7
The Very Same Munchhausen
Subs en fr ru
Служили два товарища (Two Comrades Were Serving) imdb 8.1
Two Comrades Were Serving
Subs en ru
Обыкновенное чудо (Ordinary Miracle) imdb 8.5
Ordinary Miracle
Please note: Soviet Movies Online, Eastern European Movies and Asian Movies Online are different streaming services.
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About Russian Movies with Subtitles

For the last years we have been selecting the best Soviet and Russian films in order to make them available for our viewers. The subtitles are in English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic and other languages. Using Soviet and Russian Movies website will give you an opportunity to view the films online as well as download the Soviet and Russian films of different genres, encompassing the wide variety from the very popular pictures to the rare finds.

The joy of gaining knowledge about the world that surrounds us is hard to overestimate, and we are proud to present you with this opportunity to sit back, and enjoy by watching something new, fresh and different, and then make your own judgement.

Russian is one of the most complicated languages in the world. Are you bored with exercise books? Learn Russian with Russian movies and open a whole new world of interesting vocabulary! Top 10 Best Russian Movies to Learn the Russian Language.