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The Cranes Are Flying

[ Летят журавли ]
The Cranes Are Flying with English subtitles in English (dubbing) in English (dubbing) and with English subtitles is one of the most emotionally intense films out of the Soviet canon. An art house favorite, it is also the only Soviet film to win the revered Palme d’Or at Cannes. The Second World War epic casts light on a young couple who are torn apart by history’s turbulent events. Rife with personal trauma and suffering, this superb drama will pull your heartstrings through the microcosm of a single love story. With stunning visuals, supreme cinematography and passionate performances, it is still considered to be one of the greatest romance films originating from Russia.

If you're looking for a typical war movie, this is not it, so a note to all the testosterone-pumped carnage-craving war buffs out there, don't bother. Although the film is about Russian characters in WWII, don't expect to see any Nazis, cannons, blood, gore, etc. It's not a film about people who cause a war or who fight a war. It's a film about ordinary people who war happens to and the choices they make in dealing with it.

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