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How to purchase an access code
1. Register on the website by providing an email address and creating a username and password.

2. Select an access plan. You can chose from 1 Day Access Code, 1 Week Access Code, 1 Month Access Code, or Unlimited Access Code.

3. After making a payment, you will receive an e-mail notification with an Access Code. For example: 56E2C-E11DC-07B31-CECCB-4E7D0. Copy and paste your Access Aode into the top field of the Access Activation blue box that appears on the My Account page. Click the "Activate" button in the blue box.
How to pay by Credit Card without a PayPal Account
1. If your PayPal page looks as follows, just click on "Pay with a credit or debit card" or “Create an Account” - it’s depending of your country or if you are using mobile or desktop for the payment.

2. Enter your Credit Card’s data. Address, email & phone number may also be requested depending on your country.
How to start watching movies on website
1. You have to register on site by creating your own Username and Password and providing your email address.

2. Buy the Access Code that you desire. You can choose from 1 Day Access Code, 1 Week Access Code, 1 Month Access Code and our best value offered — Unlimited Access Code.

3. After the payment was made, you will receive the email notification with an Access Code, for example 56E2C-E11DC-07B31-CECCB-4E7D0. Copy and Paste your Access Code into the top field of the Access activation blue box, that you find on your My Account page. Click Activate button in the blue box
I paid for the Access Code, but did not receive an e-mail
1. Please check your spam folder.

2. If you still can’t locate your Access Code after checking the spam folder, contact us and we’ll re-send it to you immediately.
I received an access code but it doesn’t work
Make sure that you use the access code (EX. 63135-BC28F-129B6-2B8B7-50B58) NOT your password for signing in. You have to register on the site and choose a password before you enter the access code.
System says “invalid code”. Do I need another access code?
An access code needs to be activated only once. In this case an “invalid code” means that you already activated it. Just start watching or downloading.
I can't view the movie in the full screen mode
Most of the time this is due to the fact that you are using an outdated browser. Update your browser to the latest version. Avoid using Internet Explorer. Browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox will allow you to view movies in full screen mode.
I can't download the movie
Unlimited Access Code — our best value offered — will give you an opportunity to download movies as well as to watch them on line. 1 Day and 1 Week Access Codes will allow you to watch movies only online (streaming) — with no option to download them.

If you purchase the 1 Month Access Code or Unlimited Access Code, but still encounter difficulties viewing or downloading movies, please contact us via e-mail and we will be more than happy to troubleshoot with you.
I have a problem with streaming. The movie keeps stopping every few minutes
1. Make sure that you have a working internet connection fast enough to stream video.

2. Make sure you don’t use old versions of browsers or outdated devices with limited RAM, as this can be the cause of the interruptions in online viewing.

3. A direct ethernet connection via ethernet cable to your computer will allow you to take advantage of the highest speed that you subscribe from your internet provider. If you are using WIFI (wireless) and experience video playback issues (especially if your router is far from your computer), installing a WIFI amplifier in your home might help.

4. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our support group and we will help you solve it.
I can’t register on the site
1. Please make sure that you have chosen a unique username.

2. Please make sure that your e-mail address has been entered correctly. It also has to be unique to you. If anyone in your family, or your friends have used the same e-mail on our site, you won't be be able to register with a different username.

3. Please be sure that you enter your unique password, and not the Access Code that was e-mailed to you.
How to view movies on a TV screen
For viewing movies on TV screen, you can use Google Chrome browser and then stream the movies from your laptop to the TV screen with the help of ROKU or Chromecast devices plugged directly into your TV set.
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