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HOW DID ALLA PUGACHEVA SING FOR BARBARA BRYLSKA? Let’s go! Recall songs from the movie “The Irony of Fate” (1975)

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Success came to Pugacheva not at all on a silver platter. By the time the whole country learned the name of the performer "Harlequin”, she was fulfilled, no less, 26 years. Behind the back of the singer there were endless tours in the composition of the most diverse collectives and many performed (and even recorded) songs. Some songs became very popular – only the face of their real singer was hidden for some time under the "masks” of the film actresses.

It all began with the fact that at the entrance to the dining room Tariverdiev met Eldar Ryazanov, who was sitting on the steps, singing the lines familiar to us:

On Tikhoretskaya the composition will depart.
The carriage will move, the platform will remain …

"This folk song will enter my new film,” the director declared.To which the composer said in surprise: "What is it folk, if I wrote it!”

Indeed, this melody, styled in the spirit of "courtyard song”, Tariverdiev composed in 1962 for the play "Friend of Childhood”. The very same verses about a sad passenger and a curious "coupe smoking” was written by the poet Mikhail Lvovsky.

"Well, if you wrote this song” At Tikhoretskaya, "then let’s work together,” Ryazanov said and handed Tariverdiev the script for the future film "The Irony of Fate”.

It is known that the director was very fond of using the poetry of the classics in his films (and he periodically penned it himself), so some poems already appeared in the script. True, at first Ryazanov hoped to attract several composers to work on the soundtrack – they say, I want all songs to become hits, and one creator can not do it.

Tariverdiyev came home, dug in the poetic collections, and at the next meeting he gave the director as many as 12 songs. Six of them were clearly drawn to the hits, and the need for other composers fell away.

But the question arose about the performers. At the men’s parties identified bard Sergei Nikitin, and for the female composer tried many singers, until he remembered Pugacheva. As you well know, the singer performed four songs for actress Barbara Brylska: "To Tikhoretskaya”, "To my street” (at the station B.Akhmadullina), "At the mirror” and "I like” (at the station M. Tsvetaeva) .

Despite the fact that there were few songs, their recording took a whole month. Pugachev was forced to do 30 takes a day and, according to Tariverdiyev, "completely tortured”. The singer was not yet a "star”, so she tried to please both the director and the composer.

A. Pugachyov:

"I recorded for seven hours: three hours with the composer, then the director came, everything was rejected, and three hours I recorded with him, and at the last hour – the seventh – their opinions coincided, I wrote down – already in the dead of night – what was needed. And both were satisfied. Or maybe just tired. ”

It is interesting that even after Pugacheva became widely known, not all listeners could recognize her voice in the film of Ryazanov.


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