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The Battalion (Батальонъ, 2015) with subs

2017 2 037



Considering Russia’s heavily patriarchal society, Battalion (2015) is what seems to be a truly remarkable story, based on true events. In a last ditch effort to inspire war-weary and unenthusiastic soldiers exhausted by the perils of World War I to continue fighting, the provisional Russian Government (in place after the February Revolution) considered the idea of a battalion made up of all-female volunteers–the first of its kind in the world–to be of significant value.

Predominantly, they hoped the female soldiers would encourage demoralized Russian men to continue fighting, or at the very least they expected the presence of the women to shame them into resuming their military duties.

Did it work? You’ll have to read up on history or trust the film to find out.

You can watch or download The Battalion with subs:

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