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The Miracle (Чудо, 2009) with English ️subs

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In 1956 Kuibyshev (now Samara), a young woman, Zoia Karnaukhova, celebrated the New Year and, jilted by her lover, took to dance the icon of St. Nicholas. She immediately froze in mid-step and remained standing there for 128 days until revived at Easter—an event that created many problems for the atheist Soviet state, striving to either silence the miracle or explain it away in scientifically acceptable terms.

But, The Miracle, is not a horror movie. It is a clever satire of the mores and morals of the people caught up in a time of change for which they are ill-prepared—including the instigators of that change. On February 25, Nikita Khrushchev delivers his famous "secret speech” on de-Stalinization, followed by much confusion. The editor of the Volga Truth dispatches his maverick, perpetually hung-over, yet generally reliable workhorse reporter Nikolai Artemiev (Konstantin Khabenskii) to Grechansk to quench the rumors about the local miracle. Khabenskii inhabits the role perfectly, with just the right doses of irony, pathos and flagging lust. An aspiring poet who published a book of verses years ago, he is now reduced to churning out articles about record-breaking dairy maids, lives in a cramped communal apartment with his hypochondriac and religious-minded wife (Polina Kutepova), and compensates for lost illusions by womanizing and cynically subverting Soviet clichés.

Since he is involved in the case more intimately than anyone has a right to suspect, he is not fooled by the fake girl furnished by the wily KGB officer in charge of Religious Affairs, Kondrashov (Sergei Makovetskii). Makovetskii is the delight of the film: brash, opportunistic, subservient when necessary, yet with a cynical sense of humor and enough personality to save him from becoming a caricature—or a monster. After Nikolai enlists the help of his old KGB buddy and is finally allowed into the heavily guarded house, he is so shocked by the grisly vision of his paramour turned into a cobweb-covered pillar that he makes a frantic escape to his former life—and the authors soon forget about him.

reviewed by Sergey Dobrynin

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