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Metro (Метро, 2013) with subs

2017 1 101



The film enacts both existing Moscow problems (overcrowded subway cars and platforms, horrendous traffic jams, the rapid transformation of the city center into a megapolis) and a possible catastrophe resulting from those: the massive construction of news high-rises downtown leads to a shift in the Moscow river bed and the breakthrough of water into the subway tunnel.

All this happens during the morning rush hour and the heaviest traffic jams. Unable to choose between her husband and her lover, Irina (Svetlana Khodchenkova) lies to her family about her time of arrival from a business trip, and the husband Andrei (Sergei Puskepalis) has to take the daughter to school by subway. Irina’s lover Vlad (Anatolii Belyi), a successful businessman who is late for his plane, also gets on the subway.

The train that will be directly affected by the disaster carries the three protagonists through the melodramatic subplot. After the rushing water and the crumbling tunnel derail the train, and many passengers die, the three join several other survivors to try and get out of the death trap.

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