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[ Мамлюк ]
Mamliuk with English subtitles in English (dubbing) in English (dubbing) and with English subtitles is 1958 Georgian historical drama film.

The plot is based on the MAMELUK culture in Turkish Army of 14-19 century. MAMELUKS were special troops of mostly kidnapped and the age of 5-7 Christian (Georgian, Armenian, Ukrainian) boys, who were turned into Islam, grown up in Sparta-like conditions - in a barracks, all together, and were the best - and personal - troops of Turkish Sultan. One of known Mameluk was Rostan, of Armenian decent, who was Napoleon's personal bodyguard. This exact movie is a story of one of Georgian boys.

Gocha - who was kidnapped at the age of 5-7 from his village and became one of the highest officers in Turkish Army. He tried to escape with his love - a girl from Harem, but was caught. the final is very tragic - in a battle the main hero was fighting with a man from opposite army and wounded him badly. While falling from the horse, the wounded guy screamed in Georgian - and finally our hero recognized him as his childhood play friend Khvicha from the same village.

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